January 8, 2013

LOCATION Council Chambers City Hall 129 Holmes Street South
Shakopee Mission Statement
The Mission of the City of Shakopee is to provide the opportunity to live, work and play in a community with a proud past, promising future, and small town atmosphere within a metropolitan setting.

Agenda items are tied to the following long-term goals that support the City's strategic vision as noted after each agenda item:

A. Keep Shakopee a safe and healthy community where residents can pursue active and quality lifestyles.
B. Positively manage the challenges and opportunities presented by growth development and change.
C. Maintain the City's strong financial health.
D. Maintain improve and create strong partnerships with other public and private sector entities.
E. Deliver effective and efficient public services by a staff of well-trained, caring, and professional employees.
F. Housekeeping item.

Mayor Brad Tabke presiding
1) Roll Call
2) Pledge of Allegiance
3) Approval of Agenda
4) Consent Business - (All items listed in this section are anticipated to be routine After a discussion by the Mayor there will be an opportunity for members of the City Council to remove items from the consent agenda for individual discussion Those items removed will be considered following the public hearing portion of the agenda Those items remaining on the consent agenda will otherwise not be individually discussed and will be enacted in one motion.)
A) Community Development
1)   Preliminary Plat of Dakota Crossings - Res. No. 7247 (B)
B) Police and Fire
1)   Declare Three Forfeited Vehicles as Surplus Property (F)
C) Public Works and Engineering
1)   Authorize the Appropriate City Officials to Execute Amendment to the Extension Agreement with WSB & Associates, Inc. for Valley View Road Improvements (E)
2)   Authorize Disposal of Surplus Property - Vehicles (E)
3)   Authorize Utilization of Re-Purchase Agreements for One Caterpillar Skid Steer and One Bobcat Skid Steer (E)
D) Personnel
1)   Successful Completion of Probationary Period - Amberly Cortez (E)
2)   Extension of Broker of Record Agreement (F)
3)   Approval of Job Description and Authorization to Advertise for HR Specialist (B, E)
4)   Amendment to Personnel Handbook for Paid-on-Call Firefighters - Res. No. 7270 (F)
5)   Promotion to Police Records Specialist (E)
E) Parks, Recreation and Natural Resources
F) General Administration
1)   Approve Bills in the Amount of $1,385,820.67 (F)
2)   Approval of the City Council Minutes from December 18, 2012 (F)
3)   2013 City Council Meeting Policies and Procedures (F)

Designation of Official Newspaper (F)

5)   Applications for Massage Therapy Business Licenses and Massage Therapist Licenses (F)
5) RECOGNITION OF INVOLVED CITIZENS BY CITY COUNCIL - (Limited to five minutes per person/subject. Longer presentations must be scheduled through the City Clerk.  As this meeting is cablecast, speakers must approach the microphone at the podium for the benefit of viewers and other attendees.)
6) Public Hearings:
A)   Public Hearing for Vacation of Public Right-of-Way (Jefferson Street) - Res. No. 7266 (B)
B)   2013 Fee Schedule - Ordinance No. 863, Fourth Series (C)
7) Business removed from the Consent Agenda will be discussed at this time
8) Recess for Economic Development Authority Meeting:
9) Reconvene
10) General Business:
A) Community Development
B) Police and Fire
C) Public Works and Engineering
D) Personnel
E) Parks Recreation and Natural Resources
1)   2013 Park Dedication Fees (B & C)
F) General Administration
1)   Special City Council Meeting Dates (F)
11) Council Members' Reports
12) Other Business
13) Adjourn to Tuesday, January 15, 2013 at 8:00 p.m.